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How to get on walmart P.A. System.

2010-12-21 00:13:46 by DukenukemALT

So this is fairly simple and massively entertaining. First off call your favorite walmart and ask to be transfered to a department of your choice. Once your transfered you will need to resort to your extensive 3rd grade theatrical training to pull the rest of this off. It should go a little something like this. "This is Bitchboy in electronics."You say,"Yes Bitchboy, this is Steve from hardware I need a favor, my 9 key is busted and I need to page a custumer real fast so go ahead and transfer me to the P.A. (And if Bitchboy does not know how he would do this instruct him to first press hold, next to press transfer and to then enter 573-2993. You will now hear that funky walmart hold music for a split second and then total golden silence. Victoriously press 7, take a deep breath and enjoy as the whole store will be yours for whatever announcement you create and happily dictate.

Hopefully it works.


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2010-12-24 23:45:31

Merry Christmas!

DukenukemALT responds:

I don't fucking celebrate asshole.


2011-01-20 21:00:33

ur doin alt accounts wrong


2011-01-31 16:47:24

dude, your not the fuckin iron man...

DukenukemALT responds: